Music is played morning and evening for that homely feel with a quiet afternoon nap time in-between, as that's what cats like to do best !
Bird and sheep watching is on offer from countryside & farm view windows, as well as soaking up the rays on the outdoor balconies !

Please note if your cat is on a vet prescribed diet we recommend you bring it with you.

A free Blackburn cattery play ball is given to all guests and freshly cleaned blankets can be provided. However we recommend that for a more homely touch and for hygiene reasons that owners bring guests own beds, scratching posts, favourite teddies etc.

Being a small cattery we get to know our guests very well and treat them all as individuals.  We understand that cat's personalities are very different, for example, some like extra cuddles whereas others only like their own space.

Grooming and cuddles come free !!!!
Slaley, Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 0DJ
~ 01434 673337 ~

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Guests are given their own hooded litter tray through out their stay and have a raised bed area with individual heat lamps for those colder months!
Blackburn cattery is light and airy with plenty of ventilation due to our summer external doors and fully insulated ceilings for the winter.


Blackburn Cattery's sixteen luxury walk in apartments are fully licensed by our local authority.
Northumberland County Council.
Mrs L Ogle & Mrs S Boyd
Animal Boarding Licence NAB/13
Each cat or cats coming from the same home have their own spacious walk in apartment,
some featuring large viewing windows or our new outdoor balconies
to enjoy some sunbathing & make the most of the tranquil country setting.

Our guests enjoy their daily routine where they are served breakfast and tea, which can be chosen by their owner from our extensive feline menu with a starter of tuna, white fish or chicken served in china dishes to preserve flavours!  (Fresh drinking water is provided at all times).
Apartments vary in size, the smallest being 18 square feet (1.67m2), to the largest 30 square feet (2.8m2).